Green Tea and Ginger Kombucha

Bluegrass Brewing Company is now serving a Ginger Kombucha in its Shelbyville Rd store. Kombucha is a non alcoholic beverage made from green tea that is fermented ( a non-alcoholic drink with less than ½% alcohol) with a scoby (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). BBC uses organic green tea and organic cane sugar to produce the tea and then we add organic ginger to flavor the tea. Kombucha has been made in Asia for thousands of years and has health claims of everything from helping with arthritis and cancer to boosting the immune system and helping detoxify the liver. We don’t know if these claims are true and don’t claim them to be true, but we know it is loaded with probiotics and tastes damn good, so we drink it because we like it.

10 oz glass $3.50